Exhibitions and Performances

As an interdisciplinary artist working across several media and in public practice, I present works at all scales from dynamic dialogs and studio works to large scale interactive media and performance installations, audio recordings, and Virtual and Mixed Reality public practice.

I am currently touring several works as part of my larger public practice work and podcast, Livable Futures including:

On Livability (2023) performative lecture

An evening of art, play, and public dialog on thriving in uncertain times

Radio Cypher (2023) with Andre M. Zachery and Very Clever Studios

Afrofuturist audio walk / public choreography reconstituting public space and creating digital cyphers of love, connection, and remembering performed by audiences

Climate Banshee (2021)

The rage and grief of the climate crisis is expressed in unstable landscapes by the keening banshee figure who expresses the inexpressible, calling us to action through sound, light, and motion.

Climate Gathering (2020)

Transmedia performance rituals for community reckoning with climate change and feeling into action and intention.

UPWELLING (2022) with Vita Berezina-Blackburn and Marc Ainger

A short film and community workshop memorializing global experiences of May 2020 through a group of friends sharing a digital diary interwoven with the animated journey of an enigmatic figure of myth and matter.

Living in Counterpoint: On Synchronous Objects and other projects at the intersection of dance, data and the digital era.

Demos and dialog from Interactive online media works created with William Forsythe and Bebe Miller including art books, workshops, artist talks, and readings on improvisation, counterpoint and physical thinking as a resource of interdisciplinary thinking and doing.