Livable Futures Podcast

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Decolonizing futures w/ Andre Zachery & Crystal Perkins

“Love the body that you’re in, no matter how old you are and understand that there’s been wisdom and experience through your body. You know, I’ve loved just being in my body. I’ve love playing, you know, just being an athlete, perform, whatever I’ve done. That is a blessing.”
-Andre M. Zachery

More-than-human futures w/ Michael J. Morris

“What if we’re preserving the planet for our bacterial ancestors who are our oldest ancestors and will probably be the last of us on this planet. Like what if our work is to sustain and preserve a planet for the more than human life as well? Vast kinship networks, including the children and not limited to the children. So all of our kin.”
–Michael Morris

Small Acts of Care w/ Alys Longely

“So how do you sit with sudden and an immense radical change, like in Australia with the fires or with Hong Kong, with their riots and Chile with their protests?–and being able to keep imagining and know that the changes could go in so many different directions, but to hold a commitment to a value system or to small acts of attention and care and love.”
-Alys Longely

Building Community Power w/ Complex Movements

“Music, art, and creativity has kept me alive; it has got me through a lot of hard things. And I feel like the cultural movements and communities that I’ve learned about creativity through have brought me a lot of insights into what’s possible.”
-Complex Movements

Indigenous Futures w/ Emalani Case

“I think with everything happening in the world today, it’s so much easier to just think of the doom and to just sit in the doom and say, well, I mean, why waste time imagining a future when it’s probably not going to happen? And I try as hard as it is to live my life by the concept or with the concept of radical hope and just the idea that. No matter how ridiculous my hope in the future might seem I’m going to have it anyway”
– Emalani Case

Centering Livability w/ Norah Zuniga Shaw