find strength and courage by acknowledging the ancestors and guides that bring you to any new project or perhaps to each new day. Give thanks and savor the circles of support that you carry with you.

your limits are your freedom

One of my favorite creative strategies is to borrow a structure or container from another artist. Borrow generously. Credit and don’t plagiarize. But go for it. A re-purposed structure creates the necessary constraints that foster creative freedom. One of my early theater teachers often said “Your limits are your freedom.” choregrapher nancy spanier This is …

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welcome to the project

I have conceived this project as an emergent work, like the rhizomes of a dandelion patch, growing and alive and thick with intersecting ideas, shared strength, and wild deviations. Livable Futures is about responding to planetary conditions of crisis and uncertainty with creativity, courage and love. This is an offering, a living biome of ideas …

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