HOUND is an intermedia performance poem co-created with Israeli artists Ohad Fishof and Noa Zuk, during a residency for the Collaboration for Humane Technology at the Advanced Computing Center of Arts and Design in March 2017. Responding to the question: What is humane? Fishof and Zuk express the wholeness of the human condition including the ugly, the awkward, the ignored parts of ourselves and society. They emphasize working with the materials at hand, cardboard boxes, found sound and footage, unprocessed gesture and utterance.

Co-created and performed by: Ohad Fishof, Noa Zuk, and Norah Zuniga Shaw
Created in the Motion Lab at ACCAD
Technical Director and Intermedia Design: Oded Huberman
Video Documentation: Chris Summers




Norah Zuniga Shaw, voice improvisation, intermedia design
Ohad Fishof, video, sound and intermedia design, 
Noa Zuk, voice and movement improvisation
Oded Huberman, Technical Director, The Motion Lab at ACCAD