“Climate Gathering is a spacious, generous way to contend with the magnitudes!”
L. Slone, 2019 Participant

Climate Gathering is a performance ritual offering an immersive experience and poetic means of turning toward the magnitude of the issues and feeling into action.

Small groups are brought together in an interactive installation of sound, light and video that comes alive through the charged, charismatic presence and fleeting interventions of the performers including the climate banshee. Everyone is invited into creating the work, participating from where they are in the moment through gesture, sound, dialog and other offerings contributing to the unique unfolding of the work.


Wexner Center for the Art, virtual residency, 2021-22

Barnard Movement Lab, NYC, NY, 2020

Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne, Australia, 2020

Motion Lab, Columbus, Ohio, multiple 2019-2020

Climate Gathering NYC 2020.


Norah Zuniga Shaw, voice and movement improvisation, intermedia design @nzshaw
Oded Huberman, intermedia design, technical director, interactive sound performance
LROD, Laura Rodriguez, movement improvisation, intermedia design @lrod_work
Tara Burns, movement improvisation @taralovinsugar
Dorian Ham, DJ and percussionist
Byron Au Yong, voice and percussion, water, stones, bells @hearbyron
Michael Morris, Ritual Facilitator Columbus, OH
Marc Ainger, multichannel sound design / custom interactive software design

Antarctic expedition tent, loan from Byrd Polar Research Center.

Contributing designers, creative producers, and directors: Nadia Lauro, Michelle Ellsworth, Ohad Fishof, Noa Zuk, Tonya Lockyer

“Your performance found its way into my dream life, disturbing me and demanding that I be open to and commit to an evolving practice of living with the agency I can conjure! Thank you!”
J. Suchland, 2019 Participant

In this ongoing installation and series of performance ritual events, the audience is the heart of the work. Audiences begin creating the content that will inform the performance during ticketing and are guided in creating ritual offerings of gesture, voice, drawing, writing, objects and reflec The piece concludes with a tea ceremony and facilitated dialog to absorb resources gathered during the time together and foster intention.

Read more about the audience experience and see collages created in response the work.

As a performance initiative of the Livable Futures project, CLIMATE GATHERING is part of a community of practice involving non-profit and business partners, artists, scholars, scientists and activists. The work is emerging over a multi-year period of responsive development bringing intersectional community groups together to face into the magnitudes of climate crisis and generate transmedia responses in workshops, pop-up events, performances and installations.

Studio photographs by Seth Moses Miller @sethmosesmiller and Snapshots by Guy Delancey @studiokin and @lrod_work