Mentorship, Consulting and Creative Facilitation

Interdisciplinary Collaboration – Performance + Technology – Creative Community

I help groups and individual wanting to boost interdisciplinary creativity and foster meaningful collaboration and innovation. With twenty years experience as a mentor and consultant for individuals and groupsI work, I select a limited number of clients each year depending on the scope and focus of projects.

Mentoring on topics such as interdisciplinary collaboration and methodologies, artistic research and evaluation, co-creation, artistic archives and creative flourishing. As a creative producer for multimedia and intermedia projects, I love working with creative technology experts as well as professional artists who are technology curious and want to center social justice. Emergent discovery and iteration are central tactics. I occasionally serve as a dramaturge for special projects particularly interactive and participatory work and intermedia projects integrating moving body and moving image. Known for proliferating possibilities, I have 20 years experience helping individual artists locate the riskiest core of their work, break through creative blocks, and develop a successful interdisciplinary practice. Modalities include solution focused dialog, spirit driven inquiry, bodily awareness, and intermedia play.

Consulting and creative facilitation for institutions seeking to develop technology teaching and facilities, improve performance and technology courses and curricula and catalyze interdisciplinary research and creativity. My approach is grounded in intercultural communication, humane technology ethics of care, and inclusive community practice. I bring all of my capacity as an interdisciplinary artist and choreographer to my approach to facilitation inflecting it always with creative play, embodied awareness, and feminist, anti-racist community building. Focus includes: facilitating diverse groups in transformative processes, inclusive teaching and community practice, 21st century education, embodied digital literacy, developing interdisciplinary research and facilities. Clients include the University of Southern California, Barnard College, The University of Alabama, and Swinburne University.

Appointments can be in-person in the U.S. or via Zoom. Meetings can be one time, weekly, monthly or quarterly. I offer online courses and mini-workshops for group processes. I can provide quotes if applying for grants and offer a sliding scale for fees including reparative justice pro-bono work. Mentoring and facilitating are relational and as much about human chemistry as anything else.

I am happy to have an exploratory session to see if we’re a match.

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