sustaining practices

Centering livability for human and more-than-human life (animals, plants, elements, artificial life even) involves practices of deep self-care and sharing these practices with others. What practices are sustaining you?

Tonight in the long dark of the solstice, during the seemingly endless middle of a global pandemic, when the stars shift in the sky and pull us into new possibilities as they pull on the earth to create the tides; we begin again.

What practices are sustaining you? How do you savor them? How do you share them with others?

My own answers to this question change over time but dancing in community remains a constant.

Body time is sustaining for me, it is what I’m calling a livability practice. I have always enjoyed walking but during the pandemic I have become a real walker, logging 3-5 miles a day, rain or shine and it is my anchor to sanity. I love dancing in open-ended structures, clubs, improvisation classes, my living room. I am loving Gaga Dance classes these days with their focus on effort and pleasure and community and now that they are online they are way more accessible!

I’m sharing body time by creating Monthly Community Movement Workshops free of charge and calling in amazing folks from from the Livable Futures network to be guides. Come move with us this month.

What practices are sustaining you? We’d love to hear from you.

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