mantras for livability

Livable futures are inclusive, collaborative, and creative

Livable futures create connections between seemingly disparate ideas

Livable futures require a change in orientation, we arrive, turn toward, and we re-center over and over and again

Livable futures emerge by turning toward seemingly insurmountable problems

Livable futures center and re-center BIPOC voices and leadership

Livable futures place marginalized voices at the heart of things

Livable futures are posthuman and vibrate with new materialism that honors many forms of consciousness in the more-than-human world

Livable futures are an ongoing practice of arriving into radical presence, in each moment, arriving with ourselves in our bodies, our places, our neighborhoods, our communities in-person and in digital spaces

Livable futures are an ongoing practice of care, of radical tenderness, of deep attention and noticing, of resetting and refocusing, learning and unlearning, of decolonizing our bodies and our places

Livable futures embrace loop culture and spiral economies, using what we have at hand, repurposing all our training, skills, materials and wisdom traditions, prioritizing the practices that are sustaining us and seek to share them

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